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Psychology Support in the Colorado Center for Celiac Disease

Experts at the Colorado Center for Celiac Disease (CCCD) are dedicated to providing the best care to children and families living with celiac disease. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to address all aspects of your child’s health, including their mental health. That’s why in addition to medical treatment, we offer consultation with a pediatric psychologist who specializes in celiac disease.

Why might kids need psychological support?

Celiac disease treatment focuses on controlling the disease through a gluten-free diet to stop damage to the intestines. We know that transitioning to a gluten-free diet can be challenging for your child and family, and our celiac psychologist is here to help with those changes.

Our psychologist is available to consult on difficulties associated with celiac disease, including:

  • Coping with diagnosis
  • Adhering to the gluten-free lifestyle
  • School and educational challenges
  • Mental health needs
  • Quality of life issues

What to expect from meeting with our celiac psychologist

Our celiac psychologist will work with your family to problem solve, brainstorm and develop coping strategies for dealing with psychological and emotional challenges associated with celiac disease.

We understand that different challenges may arise for children and adolescents as they grow. This is why our psychologist is available to work with children and families throughout childhood, adolescence and young adulthood. 

What types of concerns can patients and families bring to the celiac psychologist?

  • Difficulties with the child and family’s adjustment
  • Coping at the time of medical diagnosis and throughout childhood, adolescence and young adulthood
  • Challenges with maintaining a gluten-free diet
  • School and social stressors
  • Emotional or behavioral challenges
  • Developmental or learning difficulties

What will happen during a visit with our psychologist?

When you arrive at the Celiac Clinic, we’ll ask you to complete paperwork about your child. We use this information to understand how your child is doing physically, emotionally, socially and in school. If the celiac team notices any concerns in these areas, they may suggest that you meet with the psychologist.

During a visit with the psychologist, you will review the impacts celiac disease has on your child and family. You’ll work together to develop strategies to approach challenges related to celiac disease, and the psychologist and celiac team may provide you with referrals for additional services if necessary.

How can families access the celiac psychologist?

Your child’s gastroenterologist may ask that the psychologist meet with you during your appointment. You also have the option to request a meeting with the psychologist during your clinic visit.

You can request this service upon scheduling your appointment, or by notifying the medical assistant or nurse once you arrive.