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Neurogastroenterology Program

About the Neurogastroenterology and Motility Program

The Neurogastroenterology Program is dedicated to the comprehensive and multidisciplinary care of children with complex motility and sensory disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. These conditions include: dysphagia related to ineffective esophageal motility, gastroesophageal reflux, gastroparesis, cyclic vomiting syndrome, Hirschsprung disease, intestinal pseudo-obstruction slow transit constipation and pelvic outlet disorders related to constipation.

We strive to better understand the causes and best treatment strategies for challenging symptoms such as persistent nausea and vomiting, and functional conditions such as dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome and abdominal pain. These patients often require both timely GI/motility consultation as well as inpatient care when a more severe, acute episode emerges.

We provide individualized, customized treatments for each child we see. We work closely with our patients and their families, along with their primary gastrointestinal physician, to ensure a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment process.

Why choose Children’s Hospital Colorado for treatment of motility disorders?

The Neurogastroenterology Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado is one of the select few in the nation dedicated to the comprehensive and multidisciplinary care of children with complex neurogastroenterology disorders. The program is unique because it consists of a multidisciplinary team that includes psychology, psychiatry, urology, pediatric surgery, neurology and physical therapy – all of which are essential to provide individualized care for common and unusual conditions by working as a team. We strive to constantly think outside the box and combine

the skills of multiple disciplines to successfully conduct the best clinical evaluation possible. As a program, our mission focuses on three areas:

  • Clinical Care: providing both thoughtful assessment and the highest level of innovative technology and diagnostic testing to better define motility disorders and problems.
  • Education: providing a strong foundation for education and mentoring of pediatric residents and gastroenterology fellows to provide for the future of the field.
  • Research: advancing the science in the Neurogastroenterology realm with continuous and progressive research.

Services we offer

A committed group of pediatric care providers including renowned gastroenterologists, psychologists, physical therapists, dietitians and skilled nursing staff work in collaboration to operate a multidisciplinary program designed to provide state-of-the-art care and conduct groundbreaking research.

The diagnostic and therapeutic tests necessary to properly address the wide array of complex motility disorders in children include:

  • Esophageal manometry
  • Antroduodenal manometry
  • Colonic manometry
  • Anorectal manometry
  • Radio opaque colon transit marker studies
  • Nuclear medicine GI transit studies

Our neurogastroenterology and motility research

The Neurogastroenterology team at Children’s Hospital Colorado is actively involved in leading scientific research to better understand intestinal motility problems.

Our basic science research program focuses on understanding the enteric nervous system response to injury and how this can lead to disorders of sensory and motor function of the intestines, including Hirschsprung's disease, pseudo-obstruction and abnormal intestinal barrier function. We are working diligently to develop novel therapies to treat our patients, including stem cell transplants to replace missing or damaged nerve cells in the intestine.

These research initiatives, as well as our clinical endeavors, underscore the mission of the multidisciplinary Neurogastroenterology Program at Children's Hospital Colorado.

Referral information

The Neurogastroenterology Program welcomes consultations and referrals. Patients are required to have a primary GI physician or a primary care physician in order to begin the referral. You can reach the program directly 720-777-9518 to inquire or begin the referral process.