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Orthopedics Institute
Orthopedics Institute

The Amputee Program for Limb Deficiencies

A man in a blue polo and khaki shorts, with a prosthetic leg, sits on a green couch holding a football in one hand and has his other arm around a woman wearing a purple blouse and flowery pants.

The Amputee Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado provides multi-disciplinary, state-of-the-art care to patients who have upper and/or lower extremity limb deficiency.

We treat limb deficiencies of the arms and legs that are congenital (meaning they were present at birth) or acquired later in life as a result of things like trauma or cancer. Treatment for children, teens and young adults with limb deficiency may require limb amputation or reconstruction of the arms or legs.

Our team strives to educate patients, families and providers about the high level care that these unique patients deserve. We also provide our patients with access to information about activities and programs to help ensure they lead a healthy, active lifestyle, and maintain a high quality of life.

Why choose Children’s Hospital Colorado?

At the Amputee Program, our goal is to provide patients and families with access to the type of clinical expertise, personalized care and outcomes that they would expect from a nationally recognized program.

You will be cared for by a team of doctors and professionals who work together to come up with the best care plan for your child, teen or young adult. Professionals from Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Prosthetics are all present at each clinic. This team of pediatric experts will collaborate to make recommendations for any medical management, physical or occupational therapy, surgery, and/or prosthetic fitting your child may need.

We also offer counseling for families and patients who are considering limb sparing, lengthening, or amputation surgery. We go through detailed advantages and disadvantages to each option, have you meet other families and patients who have gone through the different surgeries to help you make the best decision for your child and their overall quality of life.

In certain challenging cases, we also work with The Center for Gait and Movement Analysis to obtain more detailed information that is used as another tool to ensure your child has the best possible outcome. 

Specific conditions we treat

•    Congenital and acquired (traumatic/oncologic) limb amputations
•    Congenital and acquired (traumatic/oncologic) limb deficiencies
•    Congenital pseudoarthrosis
•    Other deficiencies if consult or second opinion is needed

Services we offer within the Amputee Program

•    New and follow-up evaluations
•    Comprehensive imaging
•    Physical and Occupational Therapy
•    Surgical care
•    Pre-natal evaluations
•    Counseling if considering adoption of a child with an amputation and/or limb deficiency
•    Research and clinical trials
•    Access to peer groups and families with similar experiences
•    Access to community organizations/resources
•    Counseling if considering limb sparing, lengthening or amputation surgery for your child

Ongoing education and training    

To help ensure that our team is at the forefront of treatment and care, the providers from our clinic regularly participate and teach at local, regional and national symposiums centered on the care of patients with limb deficiencies and amputations.

Resources for patients and families