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Gait Analysis Step 5: Clinical Report and Recommendations

Creating the clinical report is the final stage in your child’s gait analysis. The clinician will gather all of the motion analysis data and recommendations, and then combine it into a concise and meaningful report for your child and family.

A team approach to gait analysis

A boy does a gait analysis with a clinician

All of the data from your child’s tests are analyzed by the CGMA team shortly after your visit. Our team consists of a multi-disciplinary group of physical therapists, kinesiologists, orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists and engineers.

After the analysis has been performed, the team looks over all of the information and makes a recommendation for your child. Recommended treatments have included surgery, orthotics prescription, botox/phenol injections, physical therapy, and electrical stimulation.

The entire process, from scheduling the appointment to communication of these final results to your child’s referring physician, is generally a six-week time period.

Support and resources for your family

In some cases, the gait analysis and recommended treatment can be complex and confusing. While most families talk through the analysis and treatment plan with their referring physician, some families do need further explanation from our CGMA team.

We’re happy to have a family conference to clarify your child’s results, provide answers to any questions, and support your family’s decision making.