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Neuroscience | February 22, 2016

About the Autism Treatment Network Research Program

Children's Hospital Colorado, in collaboration with JFK Partners, is a participant in the Autism Treatment Network (ATN). ATN is a cooperative multi-center program for clinics serving people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) through funding from the non-profit organization Autism Speaks. We are one of 17 sites in the United States and Canada. 

ATN clinics are dedicated to providing families with high quality, multidisciplinary, coordinated medical care for children and adolescents with autism and associated conditions. The ATN is also committed to developing standards and guidelines for evaluating and treating physical conditions associated with autism spectrum disorders, and to sharing these standards with other clinical programs.

A leader in research for children with autism

In addition to improving the comprehensive care patients receive, ATN also has the goal of advancing evidence-based research on medical issues and treatments in children with ASD. One avenue for meeting this goal is through the ATN National Registry. The Registry database tracks the care and outcomes of children seen in ATN clinics, increasing clinicians' ability to address a range of metabolic, genetic and gastrointestinal concerns through scientific research.

ATN also participates in the Health Services and Resources Administration's Combating Autism Act Initiatives, which funds the Autism Intervention Network for Physical Health (AIR-P) initiative. Here at Children's Colorado, we have been fortunate to receive funding for a number of ongoing research studies pertaining to children with ASD.  

Our research discoveries and milestones

Through the Autism Treatment Network, patients can receive research updates focused on the results of ongoing studies done at Children's Colorado and other sites.

Contact us

For more information about participating in a research study through the Autism Treatment Network or AIR-P, please call 720-777-6602.